Live Gigs 2015

More than rumours! faithless 2015 tour!
Well faithless at various festivals at least. It is confirmed that Faithless will be back on stage this summer, in the form of Faithless 2.0, whatever this may mean, I will try to update with gigs and festivals as and when for now viagogo have some tickets for various events available click and typpe faithless in the search box


Live Tour 2010

The rumours are flying around about a tour in 2010 and with an album due late this year or early next year a tour seems likely. Information feaured on seems to confirm that.

"The new Faithless Album needs to be finished and a big World Tour is planned for 2010."

I've got cash saved and plan on leaving it until the tickets are on sale, can't wait, seems an age since seeing them live and I am now officialy buzzing at this news, roll on 2010.

Faithless Live in Moscowfaithless-live-in-moscow

Filmed in 2001 at the B1 Maximum Venue as part of the very first Smirnoff Experience, this special one off performace sees the bad supported by the Musica Viva Chamber Orchestra - arranged and conducted by Matthew Scott. The performance includes hit tracks from all five of their albums and the DVD features an Interview with the band.

An excellent addition to your collection.

buy from


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Faithless are a dance act who combine a mix of Soulful vocals thought provoking Lyrics and excellent tunes. faithless band members sister biss, maxi jazz, rollo, jamie catto

Faithless have achieved success with their 3 albums, 'Outrospective', 'Sunday 8pm' and 'Reverence'. They have also released a number of sucessful singles which include 'God is a DJ', 'We come 1' and 'Insomnia'. Their newest Album No Roots, reached Number 1 in the chart album.

Chances are even if you haven't brought a Faithless album or single you've heard them on tv, with Faithless tracks been used in a number of programs. 'Machines R Us' was used as the theme for BBC Choice's "60 Seconds" news programme.

I have just put the lyrics in the lyrics section for Faithless's No Roots album Click here to view

Faithless News

(13/9/05) - Just doing a quick update, after 17 weeks faithless are still in the album charts. For those who havent already, go and buy it. Tonight is the launch of the upcoming Live DVD, finally after all this time, lucky fans(me included)won a competition to go down to london to a launch party. I'll report back with what happens and a few pics. Dont Forget to Pre-order your copy here

(23/5/05) - Faithless top album chart with 'Forever Faithless' within a week of it release click here to view the chart

(21/2/05) - Aubrey Nunn has given us another interview about the upcoming album
' Forever Faithless' the tour season and the future in general.

Click here to read the full interview.

(12-01-05)- Maxi Jazz gives Virgin Mobile an exclusive interview at the recording of the tsunami relief single Give & Let Live

Click Here for the full interview

(24-08-04) - Faithless have released dates for their UK Tour later this year.Venues include Nottingham, Glasgow, Brixton.

Click here for full list of this years tour/festival dates

(11-5-04) - Finally got home and have the aubrey interview up for you guys to look at.

Read the interview with faithless Band member aubrey nunn

(29-4-04) - One big weekend a success. Faithless headline the Dance day and produce yet another excellent performance

Click here to view the faithless live set

(4-4-04) - Got the titles for a few of the songs on the new album 'No Roots', 'I Want More', 'Mass Destruction' and 'What about love'. Faithless appeared on 'Seb Fontaine' this saturday for an interview and the tracks were played in his session. and from what i heard the album is going to excellent. I'll see if i can get some sound bytes here for you to listen too.

Click here for more details on the 'No Roots' Album.

(20-3-04) - The latest album will be called 'No Roots', and is released June the 7th. The single is rumoured to be called 'Mass Destruction' with possibilities of remixes by DJ Zink, Tom Middleton, Paul Jackson and P*nut and is due for release on may 31st. We'll have to wait and see, but should be worth the wait.

Click here for more details

Click here for a faithless uk site map


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